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LexveT Supplements are available in three sizes: 5kg, 12kg, 22kg.

The 5kg pails are a fantastic way to see if Lexvet is going to work for you. 5kg of product is enough to supplement the average horse for a period of about 10 weeks, or 2½ months. Most before and afters that you see in our promotional material are taken over a period of about six to seven weeks. If you've ever been curious about trying out our products, a 5kg pail is the perfect way to purchase enough product to see if it will work for you and your horse.

The 12kg bags offer much better value for money than our buckets. Many people with a horse or two purchase these as an economical way to supplement their horses on a continual basis. One of these bags will last the average horse for about 24 weeks or six months.

Our 22kg bags offer the best value for money. They contain enough of our product to supplement the average horse for nearly an entire year! (If you started with a new bag on the first week of January, it would get you through to November!). This size bag is purchased by nearly everyone (admittedly this size bag is a bit big for those people with only one or two miniature horses!), from owners with only one horse to owners who have studs and stables, this bag is the perfect way to supplement your horse in the most economical way.

All product sizes are in stock and AVAILABLE!

LexveT Mineral Mix - For nearly all horses, all the time
Lexvet Mineral Mix (Yellow)
Equilibrium Australia - For All Horses All of the Time
Lexvet B1 Cool Mix (Blue)
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