LexveT Mineral Mix

LexveT Mineral Mix - For nearly all horses, all the time

Distinctive with it's black on yellow styling, LexveT Supplements Mineral Mix offers an optimal blend of vitamins, minerals and electrolytes. Suited for all horses, all of the time, this product was the one that started it all. The range of testimonials that we have received since the product's inception right up until now, commonly refer to improvements in coat, condition and demeanour.

The blend of vitamins, minerals and electrolytes that are specific to this product are suitable for all equines irrespective of what level of work they are in. From the smallest of Miniatures to the biggest of the Shires, from loyal pets in the paddock, to world beating race horses, this product has it all covered. This supplement was developed for equines.

When we began developing this product, our priority was to make it simple to feed, affordable and most importantly, effective. People feed LexveT supplements in a variety of ways, from a loose lick in a container where the horses are free to 'dose themselves' to mixing it through as part of a regular feed ration. If feeding a supplement as a loose lick sounds like your cup of tea, we recommend putting out enough product for anywhere between a few days and a week at a time to limit consumption and spoilage. We have calculated recommended dosages of LexveT by taking into account that your horse will be receiving additional nutrition from other sources, namely pasture and prepared feeds. Therefore, should your horse consume a bit too much Mineral Mix, there shouldn't be any adverse effects, just ensure they have access to plenty of water.

If you are considering trialling a nutritional supplement on your horse, consider LexveT Mineral Mix, if you horse is prone to being a bit nervy or excitable, then we would recommend LexveT B1 Cool Mix.

Dosage rates and composition of LexveT Mineral Mix are listed below:

Recommended Dosages
Pony (<14hh) Cob (14-15hh) Horse (>15hh)
- In Foal
- Lactating
Growing horses
(up to 3 years)  
Consider heights in dosage column to be finished growing heights.
Light Work
Retired, Spelling, Pleasure
eg. <3 days of work p/week
Moderate Work   Dressage, Jumping, Western eg. Horses in work 3 - 5 days per week
Hard Work
Eventing, Polo, Endurance eg. Horses in work 4 - 7 days per week
(Spelling & in Training)

Dosages are scoops per day that may be split between two feeds.
The scoop contains approximately 70g and is included in the bag / bucket.
LexveT Mineral Mix should be introduced at half dose for the first two weeks.
Miniatures – dose as per a cob and use a teaspoon instead of a scoop.

Calcium 119g
Phosphorus 79g
Magnesium 58g
Sodium 102g
Potassium 30g
Chloride 132g
Zinc 2020mg
Copper 795mg
Iron (ferrous) 1565mg
Manganese 978mg
Cobalt 7mg
Selenium 8mg
Iodine 4mg
Vitamin A 250,000IU
Vitamin E 1250mg
Vitamin B1 300mg
Folic Acid 100mg
Ash 72%
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