Harley Transformed

Harley is one of the original before and afters emailed to us at LexveT. As with most of the photos we receive, it was completely unsolicited. His owner Emma went to her local feed store and they had run out of her normal supplement, so the store suggested she purchase some LexveT Mineral Mix.

We have been feeding LexveT Mineral Mix for just over a month now. He is a typical 'lean' Thoroughbred who never carried much weight and didn't fair too well when it was dry, but even now with when it is dry again and there isn't much grass, he's looking better than ever. He hasn't had his diet changed or amounts of feed changed between photos other than the addition of LexveT Mineral Mix. Everyone comments on how different he looks and one of my neighbours thought another horse has gotten into the paddock with ours! They ask me what I have done and they can't believe it when I tell them it is from a mineral supplement. I recommend it to all my horsey friends now! -- Regards Emily & Harley

Before: As you can see, Harley's coat was quite faded and his condition was lacking.

After: Terrific improvement! Harley's coat colour is deeper and his condition has definitely improved.