Our Recommended Feeding Program

The Basics

  1. Roughage (pasture and hay) should be the major part of your horses diet and made available for your horse to graze on at all times.
  2. Supplement your horse with minerals, vitamins and salts missing in that roughage - use LexveT Mineral Mix or LexveT B1 Cool Mix.
  3. Add the minimum amount of concentrates (grain, pellet, premixed feed) that is necessary. Most horses do not require more than 1kg of energy or protein concentrates per day. Horses in hard work (eg Racehorses) require more however in most cases should not exceed 4kg per day.

How does the LexveT Program Work?

The LexveT Program aims to maintain a healthy process of bacterial digestion. This is what nature intended.

  1. Roughage or forage is the raw material for bacterial digestion, and it buffers from the adverse effects of concentrates.
  2. Minerals are required by these bacteria for efficient microbial processing of roughage and for the horses requirements.
    Vitamins are essential for many body metabolic processes.
    Salts are required for function of all muscle.
  3. Avoiding excess concentrates protects the gut from the severe effects of acidosis.

How do I apply the LexveT Feeding Program to my horse?


The most important factor in feeding horses is frequent monitoring of their condition and adjusting their diet accordingly. For boxed horses or horses that do not have sufficient pasture you need to ensure that hay is available at all times. Studies have shown more than 80% of horses in work suffer from ulcers, the largest contributing factor is insufficient roughage.


Factors that effect the vitamin and mineral content of pasture and hay include soil type, grass/legume variety, season, storage, stage of growth etc. This is why it is important to supplement with vitamins and minerals missing or imbalanced in roughage. LexveT manufactures two supplements, LexveT Mineral Mix and LexveT B1 Cool Mix. Our supplements are all in one supplements which include vitamins, minerals and salts. LexveT Mineral Mix is suitable for all horses whereas LexveT B1 Cool Mix is recommended for nervous or exciteable horses. There is no need to feed both supplements, it is one or the other.


Concentrates are separated into two main categories - Energy and Protein

ENERGY concentrates are fed when the roughage in the diet is not providing sufficient energy for daily work requirements or when you want more fat cover on your horse. Most horses do not require more than 1kg of energy concentrates per day, racehorses require more however this rarely exceeds 4kg per day. Exceeding 1kg of energy concentrates per day will put your horse at high risk of acidosis, ulcers, colic, laminitis, founder and tying up. Whilst many horses can tolerate diets that exceed 1kg of energy concentrates per day, over the long term horses on this diet have their weight plateau and will start losing weight. For the purpose of our feeding program we classify grains (corn, barley, oats, lupins), premixed feed and pelleted feeds as energy concentrates.

PROTEIN concentrates are fed to build and maintain muscle, whilst excess protein in the diet can be converted into fat, it is a costly and inefficient way to fatten horses. Many companies refer to percentage of protein in their feeds, however rarely refer to the quality of protein, quality of protein refers to the amino acid content, horses require the amino acids methionine and lysine. For growing horses and lactating broodmares we recommend feeding up to 1 cup of full fat soyabean meal per day. Full fat soyabean meal is an excellent quality protein source with good levels of both methionine and lysine. For horses over 3 years of age we recommend mixing your horses feed with alfalfa chaff to provide sufficient protein. Full Fat Soyabean Meal can be purchased from most feed merchants.

For clarification on our feeding program or to discuss your horses individual requirements please contact us via our contact form.

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