Bliss the Broodmare

The before photo shows 'Bliss' a Thoroughbred broodmare four months in foal. She has poor muscling, fat cover and condition. She was unable to gain weight despite being fed four kilograms (nearly nine lbs!) of a brand named feed each day. Bliss was lethargic and her owner had not seen her trot in years. Her owner was concerned that Bliss wouldn't carry her foal to term and contacted her vet for advice.

The recommendations made included adding LexveT, reducing the feed to two kilograms per day and adding an extra biscuit of grassy hay per day. After one week, Bliss' owner noticed Bliss trotting and cantering around the paddock. Her owner stated that she "did not believe that a horse could improve this much in such a short period of time".

Before: Bliss was in poor condition, her coat fluffy and dull.

After: A marked improvement, well on the way to being a picture of health!